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Trauma Surgery Training

[Trauma surgery training] is essential for when a crew goes on a mission. This is really how I learned the stuff”

Ron, Anesthesiologist in a field hospital

The purpose of Trauma Surgery Training is to build teamwork in the OR. More importantly, it teaches medical staff a common language to be used in special situations.

Trauma Surgery Training will prepare a medical team to provide solutions to problems that occur during the medical act – surgery, anesthesia, logistics, communication, and teamwork.

Who is trauma surgery training for?

The trauma surgery training is very important for non-organic crews that come together for specific missions, such as:

  • military field surgery
  • naval activity
  • humanitarian missions

The training touches on various topics and can focus on issues such as:

  • sterilization
  • working in crowded places
  • working with incomplete equipment

The trauma surgery training is accompanied by senior experts from various fields and performed with advanced, hyperrealistic mannequins and simulation equipment.


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