Simulation Facilities

Guiding you in creating a tailor-made operational facility

Mobile Training Units, Immersive Rooms, and Simulation centres

Our team of experts will guide you through the entire process of creating tailor-made simulation facilities: from identifying needs and drafting concepts, through planning and building, and up to full scale operation of your simulation facility.  

Simulation facilities for highly effective and meaningful training experiences

We implement propriety systems which can accurately measure the level of preparedness, and use robust, reliable, and realistic simulation tools developed in our R&D centers in Israel and the UK.

The knowledge we accumulated over our years of experience in real life events and in training military and civilian organizations around the world is brought to the table to make sure everything is accounted for.

We pride our selves in creating simulation facilities which account not only for the medical aspects of emergency events, but also for the operational and logistical challenges which can have considerable effect on the end game.

Our experience together with the systems we developed allows for a highly effective and meaningful training experience. Mobile training units, immersive rooms and full-scale hospital-based simulation centers, tell us what you need, we will make it happen!

Extreme Mobile Training Unit

The Extreme Mobile Training Unit allows for high volume training from the level of a single trainee to the level of a team in civilian or military settings. This is an efficient and cost-effective solution for technical or realistic training. This Mobile training unit can accommodate large number of trainees in a limited space with limited amount of time.
It is based on the Mobile Training unit we use in the trainings we provide to our clients and can be designed and built according to the specific needs of your organization.

Mobile Training Unit

Tech Specifications example of an Extreme Mobile Training Unit


  • Fully equipped training trailer 28 ft 12’000lb gross
  • Interchangeable scenery: Urban warfare, disaster area, CBRNE event, Single shooter, terror attack and more.
  • Sensory Experience (sound, smell, smoke, and lighting effects)
  • Full directional sound system (sound comes from windows and doorways, external sound for entry)
  • External briefing and debriefing area, with CCTV, PA system and feedback on App screen
  • Centralized blood pump system
  • Interchangeable entrances, and entry “maze”
  • Control and service room to run repairs on equipment
  • Floor tie downs for all equipment
  • Aluminum walling with graphics (2 different scenes included)
  • 2 “windows” with changeable video scenes (multiple scenes already made custom TBC)
  • Blood mixing facilities
  • Cleaning facilities
  • Full toolkit for trailer and equipment maintenance
  • Reverse camera for trailer
  • Full 8 camera CCTV system

Equipment Included

CBRN Training

Simulation Centers

The company’s simulation centers are designed to provide a realistic training experience, with close to real life scenarios and creating professional, logistical, and operational challenges for the trainees.

The simulations centers are built with the most advanced systems and simulation equipment to ensure a productive, efficient, and safe training experience. Our experts will accompany your organization along the entire process of creating a medical simulation facility, from concept, design and building and up to full-service operation, whatever meets your organizations needs.

Immersive Rooms

Emergency situations are stressful, chaos-filled environments. Preparing trainees for the realities of extreme incidents is of utmost importance. With our immersive simulation rooms, the technology allows you to provide fully immersive scenarios for your trainess. Easily create experiences like working in a military environment, an emergency ambulance, or even roadside assistance with accurate immersive sights and sounds.

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