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Extended Medical Training Done Successfully

Do you agree with the following phrase?

“Patient monitoring training/prolonged field care (PFC)/intensive care training are not interesting or intellectually challenging enough for a several hour-long class.”

If your answer is “Yes” – you’ve been doing your extended medical training wrong.

At Extreme Simulations, we think otherwise.

We believe that extended medical training can be fascinating and exciting. Most importantly, it can be a meaningful learning experience for the entire medical staff, regardless of the session’s duration.


Patient monitoring and intensive care exercises are relevant to:

  • military and civilian field hospitals
  • ship crews
  • remote facility crews (who are supposed to care for the wounded until help arrives)
  • hospital staff who want to improve their ability to treat multiple difficult patients over time, especially in new situations

Extreme Simulations’ extended medical training includes:

  1. An accurate and complete story of each patient, including physiological and injury-specific details. To make things more interesting, it is possible that a condition might develop later (stems from an event that occurred early on: from the previous carer or from the rescue process itself).
  2. Imposed conditions to check the attention given to the patient, such as: blood in the urine, change in pupil dilation, change in energy levels, etc…
  3. Drastic deterioration in the patient’s condition, for reasons that could be related to vital organ failures, which creates the need for additional tests to understand the story (one of the biggest challenges in diagnosis).
  4. Reference to all parts of DOPE (Dislocations, Obstruction, Pneumothorax, Equipment).
  5. Practice changing shifts, transferring information, and continuity of care.
  6. Two in-depth debriefings: first in a “stop learning” moment (mid-training) and once more at the end of the session.

Important: For better training sessions we often do overnight training, as it is the most difficult time of day to make important decisions.

Extended medical training results

Proper methodology, professional mentoring based on hands-on experience, and real-life cases, paired with using appropriate simulation equipment have all produced excellent intensive care training simulations.

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