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A Collaboration between MSE Group and Extreme Simulations

NOVEMBER, 2020 – MSE Group, the exclusive partner of MedVision in Europe and Extreme Simulations (EXS) are proud to announce that they have signed a mutual distribution agreement according to which MSE Group will distribute EXS medical simulators and training solutions in Europe and additional territories and EXS will distribute MedVision’s medical simulators in Israel.

Alexander Krasovski, Chief Commercial Officer, MSE Group:
“We are excited to be partnering with EXS and believe our mutually complementary product portfolios will offer much-needed choice and simulation expertise to medical education providers, who are constantly looking to deliver the very best in training outcomes for their students.

EXS’s line of robust and realistic mannequins, task-trainers and wearable wounds completes and strengthens our simulation product offering.”

Oriel Herman, CEO at Extreme Simulations:
“This is one of those rare occasions in which 1+1 really equals 3. Two companies that share the same values aim at drastically improving the world of medical simulation.”

About Extreme Simulations

Extreme Simulations operates in 2 main fields: the Development and manufacturing of high-end medical simulators and providing ongoing training solutions for medical and emergency preparedness.

The company’s medical simulators, feature durability, realism, and ease of use and service. The product line includes a range of exceptionally durable, and realistic mannequins specially designed for intensive training, emergency care Task trainers, Wearable wounds, training aids for surgeons, and more.

In the field of training, EXS has developed a unique methodology that provides an intense and highly memorable learning experience, with the motto: “Your first time should feel like your second”. It specializes in training people and organizations for emergency situations, using hyper-realistic tools and smart simulation devices.
Extreme Simulations is the official and exclusive medical simulation trainer of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and has accumulated a great deal of experience in providing training, products, and consulting services to military organizations, police, medical centers, first responders, prison authorities, search and rescue units, government agencies, international organizations and more.

About MSE Group and MedVision

The MSE Group is the exclusive partner of MedVision in Europe. Together, our work is centered around the provision of high-quality healthcare education through simulation. Innovative design and cutting-edge technologies define our range of adult, pediatric, neonatal, and surgical simulators in support of healthcare professionals who strive to deliver the very best in patient care and treatment. The recently launched Leonardo, Arthur, and Mia patient simulators are exemplars of the quality of MedVision’s products that are now being integrated into medical simulation programs at leading universities around the world.

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