Extreme Simulations’ full body modular manikins perform in the toughest situations with high realism. They have been field tested in hundreds of extreme training sessions by the Israeli Army (IDF). They are renowned for their durability, effectiveness, realism, and ease of use and service. Our manikins feature interchangeable parts and can be used in diverse situations, making them a truly versatile and cost-effective training tool. Their core is structured from a fully articulated skeleton, so they can be moved correctly during evacuation. They are exceptionally durable and serviceable


The Full Body Trauma Mannequin demonstrates 2 complex and 3 basic procedures:

The two complex treatments are Coniotomy and Intubation, both on a single interchangeable head. The three basic procedures are: Packing, Amputation, and IV insertion. They can be adapted at the client’s request.

The Search and Rescue mannequin is exceptionally durable. It is designed for dragging, pulling, and lifting. It features three basic procedures: Crash wound, Compound wound, I.V. insertion.

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