A resuscitation manikin for advanced and immediate life support courses


Robust, Ready and Reliable.

A resuscitation manikin specifically designed and manufactured for use during Advanced & Immediate Life Support courses.

Produced by Extreme Simulations in partnership with Simulation Man. A team with decades of experience in the design and implementation of Advanced Life Support training products.

LifeSupport© is designed for the practical elements of Advanced and Immediate Life Support courses, which are accredited and governed by resuscitation councils throughout the world.

This system has the primary aim to ensure that faculty can be reliant on a robust and reliable device, that meets the standards needed for intense repeated use within the clinical training environment.
LifeSupport© is compatible with existing peripheral training equipment and can be used with minimal disruption, enhancing the learner experience during training courses.



  • Older adult male, accurately representing the demographic of patients most at risk of an acute medical emergency
  • Realistic and correctly positioned anatomical landmarks
  • Built with robust and quality components

Advanced Airway:

  • Head tilt, chin lift and jaw thrust manoeuvres
  • Oral Pharyngeal and Nasal Pharyngeal airway insertion
  • Endotracheal intubation
  • Insertion of Supraglottic airways

Chest compressions:

  • Perform chest compressions in adherence to many international resuscitation guidelines
  • Correct anatomical landmarks
    Ability to be used in conjunction with mechanical CPR devices
  • Optional spring variability

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