First Response

A Mannequin for emergency medical care and tactical training

Andrew First Response

Andrew First Response is the ideal mannequin for training first responders, in emergency medical care, and tactical skills in true to life settings.

This is the toughest mannequin in the market, featuring realism, durability, simplicity of use and maintenance. The Andrew First Response is the perfect tool for training EMS, law-enforcement agencies, military, fire-fighters, and Search & Rescue units in essential lifesaving skills

The toughest mannequin in the world

The only mannequin truly suited for training first responder's in real-life extreme settings

Hyper-realistic, Robust, Reliable

  • Hyper-realistic, Robust, Reliable 
  • Weight: 75kg  |  Height 177cm/5.9ft
  • Steel frame
  • Straightforward operation
  • Simple maintenance 
  • Interchangeable arms with variety of features: open fracture, burns, amputation, I.V 
  • Speaker for human sounds via EXS app
  • Realistic, seamless skin, easy to clean
  • Separate electronic devices to insure durability


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