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Extreme Simulations and SynDaver Announce a New Collaboration

Extreme Simulations and SynDaver are excited to announce a collaboration agreement between the parties.

The two medical simulation companies, specializing in ruggedized training solutions, and synthetic tissues, respectively,  have agreed to join forces to develop first-in-class hybrid medical simulators to support the continuum of care from point of injury through surgical intervention.

As part of the collaboration, the companies will integrate SynDaver’s synthetic tissues and body parts into realistic and highly durable life-like mannequins and task trainers developed by Extreme Simulations, meeting both the durability and haptic accuracy of healthcare education and training community end-users. The SynDEXS hybrid life-like mannequins will be especially suited for Interprofessional Education (IPE) in advanced medical training.

The hybrid manikins and task trainers developed as part of this collaboration will be used to provide Simulation-based Medical Education (SMBE) in a wide range of categories, including but not limited to;  Surgical Combat Casualty Care, Prolonged Field Care (PFC), EnRoute Care,  small scale combat casualty events where Tactical Combat Casualty Care(TC3) is used, Mass Casualty Incidents (MCI) – from point of injury to hospitalization, disaster and Search and Rescue (SAR) events.

The development team, led by Nadine Baez (SynDaver) and Isaac Franklin (Extreme Simulations) is confident that this solution will truly support medical personnel in acquiring the Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs) needed for dealing with emergency incidents in austere environments as well as in civilian settings given the present technology gaps identified in current COTS offerings.

“For the development of medical simulation products, cooperation is as valuable as the best innovation. Bringing great companies, experience, and ideas together to share skills, can only positively impact the outcome for the products and services that follow, and therefore become a benefit for the end-user, the Extreme Simulations/SynDaver collaboration is exactly that”.

Jake Rahman founder of the Simulation Collective

The team will demonstrate their joint capabilities at the Special Operations Medical Association (SOMA) conference, May 2nd -6th, in Raleigh, North Carolina; Booth 1026.