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The problem of NOT using realistic mannequins in disaster area training

Is there a problem if you’re not using realistic mannequins in disaster area training? Extreme Simulations has provided hundreds of disaster area & search and rescue drills. We noticed that in many of them the clients use unrealistic rescue mannequins. These are unrealistic in their looks, feel, volume, density and weight. How is that an […]

First responders Military trainings Trainings

Training Multiple Trainees? Top Things To Focus On

Keep it simple. That’s our top piece of advice when training multiple trainees. When working with large groups of people, you want to make sure that everyone is getting the experience that teaches them new skills. Challenges of training multiple trainees The challenge that comes with such a training experience is that you will need […]

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Extended Medical Training Done Successfully

Do you agree with the following phrase? “Patient monitoring training/prolonged field care (PFC)/intensive care training are not interesting or intellectually challenging enough for a several hour-long class.” If your answer is “Yes” – you’ve been doing your extended medical training wrong. At Extreme Simulations, we think otherwise. We believe that extended medical training can be […]

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Extreme Simulations is Now the Official & Exclusive Medical Simulation Provider to the IDF

Tel Aviv, Israel. (July 2020) – Extreme Simulations is proud to announce it has won a leading Ministry of Defense tender to become the official and exclusive medical simulation provider for all the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) for the next four years. Extreme Simulations has just announced the collaboration with the IDF, highlighting that its […]

First responders Medical centers Military trainings Trainings

How To Provide A Realistic Extreme Training & Avoid Methodic, Unrealistic Training

In a prior article on realistic extreme training, “Why is it important to train in understanding the story of an event?”, we discussed the importance of training your team in understanding the story of the event. In the following article, we will discuss the actions that need to be undertaken once you understand what is […]